why do you shoot film and digital images?

I adore film. It inspires me. It pushes me to slow down & be more intentional with each image. There is a depth to film that is unmatched in my opinion and evokes emotion in a way I can't really put words to. However, digital is much more affordable and applicable in certain situations. Each are just a format in which to create timeless imagery. I'm thankful I can use the two cohesively to create images for my clients. 

What kind of gear do you use?

My favorite camera is the Contax 645 for film and the Nikon D810 for digital! 

do you travel?



I worked for another wedding photographer for 4 years and am going on my 3rd year of shooting them on my own! I've tasted over 100 wedding cakes if that gives you an idea. 

do you always have a second shooter with you at weddings?

Yes, all packages include a second shooter, which is almost always my awesome husband! 

what if it rains at my wedding?

No worries, it rained at our wedding too! It means good luck, right? :) We will get creative and make sure you have beautiful memories to look back on. 

will i be able to print my images?

Yes! One of my favorite things is seeing client's prints after their big day. You will have full print rights to your high resolution images. 

how will i RECEIVE my images?

For engagement/portrait sessions and weddings, you will receive an online gallery where you can download, share (with credit to Taylor Dane Photography, of course!) and print your images. For weddings, you will also receive a USB flash drive.