Hannah + Wesley

To me, there’s nothing cliché about falling in love with your best friend. I think this is the dream of marriage—spending the rest of your life falling deeper in love with your best friend. I remember praying as a little girl for my future husband, wherever he was. Little did I know then that God was preparing someone special to walk through life with me years before we would ever get married. From the moment we met, Wesley never left my mind. I knew there was something special between us, something deeper than a feeling and sweeter than friendship alone. Now I can’t do life without him; he’s a part of my everyday. I love his smile and his laughter, but also his irreplaceable companionship when life bears down. He has already been through the thick and thin of life with me throughout the years. I love the time I’ve spent with him, the real life we’ve already shared for five years. Now I’m praying that God will bless our marriage and use it as a reflection of His love—humble, selfless, forgiving, merciful, and sweet.
— Hannah

What a magical session! These two were so much fun. We laughed, explored and had the most wonderful afternoon. I love sessions that I walk away feeling as if I had just spend time with long time friends, and this was definitely one of those! Their love for one another is so sweet and genuine. Marriage is going to be an amazing adventure for you two. Thank you so much for letting me capture this season of your lives! 

From the beginning of our time together I knew that there was something special in store for both of us. We both shared common values, enjoyed similar things but most importantly we shared our faith in Christ; that alone has been the reason why our future together is certain. When I realized that she was the one for me, it was like a light bulb went off and I knew I was looking at the woman who was going to be my wife. Every day that I see her, she has become that much more beautiful to me in every way and I’m excited for the future because of it.
— Wesley