Sarah-Brittain + Miller

the thing i am looking forward to the most in marriage is...
striving each day to glorify God with the most beautiful thing our creator has given us.. marriage. some days this will be tougher than other days but i am so filled with joy to spend each & every day going through the motions with my absolute best friend.
oh & i cant wait for slumber parties year round with such a goofball.
— Sarah-Brittain

Speechless from this session. Every single time she looked at him, she giggled. The most sincere love is shared between these two. I will let the images speak for themselves, for I feel they are far more powerful than any words I could write. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me capture your love Sarah-Brittain and Miller. You two are going to rock at marriage! 

The thing I am looking forward to the most in this marriage is being able to love and care for Sarah every day for the rest of my life and to grow closer to her every day. I am so glad we have Christ as our foundation, because it would not work without Him. I also canโ€™t wait to wake up next to her every day knowing I will always have her.
— Miller